The Eagles need your help!
We are in need of repairs and money is tight! Thus, we are asking for a millage to help us make some repairs and replacement some aging items.

Every year our buses get inspected by the Michigan State Police. in recent years we've had a few buses not pass that inspection and were taken off the road.

The bond will afford us the purchase of three new buses over the course of 5 years.

The rising cost of maintaining our facilities is taking away from our children's education.

Heating and cooling is not cheap! Our heating units are old and the probability of them failing unexpectedly rises every day that they are operational. We will replace some of the boiler units.

We all know cement doesn't last forever. Some of the cement around MPS is falling apart. The concession building has large cracks from settling. The railings around the district are cracking and becoming unsafe. The curbs are wearing down.

Marion has a decent amount of technology in place. However, technology is always changing or evolving. Currently, the technology in place is failing or changing at a quicker pace than our budget can accommodate.

The money allocated to technology, from the successful passing of the bond, will be spent over the next one to five years. 
  • As projectors fail they will be replaced
  • Student and staff devices will be refreshed in a justifiable rotation
  • A new phone system will be put in place to adhere to legislation (E911)
  • Network devices and wireless equipment will be replaced
  • Surveillance will be upgraded