Annual Education Report

Marion Public Schools - Annual Education Report

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act requires that all districts and schools in Michigan report on several educational components.  This link takes you to the reports on the four components described below: 

  • Results of state-administered assessments.  This link takes you to a report on MEAP data, MME data, MI Access student achievement data for the Marion School District.
  • AYP Data.  This link takes you to a report on the AYP status of the schools in the Marion School District.
  • Teacher Quality Data.  This link takes you to a report on the Professional Qualifications of teachers in the Marion School District.
  • NAEP :  The National Assessment of Educational Progress assessment is administered annually to a representative sample of schools across the 50 states in grades 4 and 8..  This link takes you to a report on the achievement levels of 4th and 8th graders in the state of Michigan and does not reflect the achievement of Marion students.

Detailed AER Letters


AER District Letter                                                        District AER letter from the Superintendent


AER Elementary Letter                                                 District AER letter from the Elementary Principal


AER Jr/Sr High School Letter                                       District AER letter from the Jr/Sr High School Principal


Detailed Reporting Links


Marion AER District Wide Reporting Links                  District wide reporting Web Links

Marion AER Elementary Reporting LInks                    Elementary School Specific Reporting Web inks


Marion AER High School Reporting Links                  High School Specific Reporting Web Links


MPS Core Curriculum (pdf)