Marion At A Glance

Free Meals

All K-12 students receive Breakfast and Lunch every day!

Graduation Rate

18/19 school year: 96.15%

S:T Ratios

Student to Teacher Ratios: Elementary- 26:1 Jr-Sr High School - 19:1

Career Tech

50% of our Junior and 41% of our Senior students attend Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center.

Virtual Option

There is a virtual option for students in grades K-12 that require homebound instruction. We have 10 elementary and 43 junior high & high school virtual students.


Marion Elementary School has been named a 2019 National ESEA Distinguished School, a distinction that only up to 100 schools throughout the country receive annually, by the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators (NAESPA).


Students Leading Students against destructive decisions.


Marion's Peer Advisory Council of Teens. Leadership group that provides safe activities, school store, and school improvement efforts.

JH-HS Athletics

Girl's: Cross Country, Sideline Cheer, Volleyball, Basketball, Competitive Cheer, Softball, and Track. Boy's: Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track

JH-HS Robotics

Students in 6-12th grades have the opportunity to participate in one of our FIRST Robotics teams.

Dual Enrollment

Offered by Mid Michigan College. We currently have 14 students taking 46 courses paid for by MHS!

Senior Spotlight

Destiny K

Destiny K has been attending Marion her whole life. After high school, she plans "to become the best body shop mechanic". Her favorite memory is going to Michigan State University on a field trip her freshman year.

Keegan L

Keegan L has attended Marion for 10 years. He plans to do into the workforce after graduation. His favorite memory is "when we went to the state semi-finals for football".

Ohgo O

Ohgo has attended Marion for 2 years. After high school, she hopes to go to college to play soccer. Her most memorable moment was "When I was able to go to Marquette with the football team to have a chance to compete in the state semi-finals. It was one of the best weekends of my senior year".

Kameron C

Kameron C has attended Marion for 13 years. He plans on attending UNOH in the fall abd moving to Ohio the day after graduation. His most memorable moment was "football season 2K20 with the Boys".

Aarin H

Aarin H has attended Marion since 5th grade. He plans on going into Cosmetology School and then back to college to become a Psycologist. Aarin's favorite memory is "Falling off the stage and breaking my foot".

Colton H

Colton has attended Marion his whole life. He plans on 'going to work and making bank' after high school. His favorite memory is "every football season with the boys".

Chloe P

Chloe P has attended Marion her whole life. Her most memorable moment was "winning homecoming queen with William". After graduation, she plans to "Attend Baker College for a year then go to Central Michigan University to study Special Education."

Lylylbell S

Lyly S has attended Marion since the 8th grade. Lyly's plans after graduating are to "finish my associate's degree at West Shore Community College, then get my bachelors' degree at Ferris State University. After that, I will instruct Metal Fabrication and Welding courses."

Hope H

Hope H has attended Marion for 5 years. After High School she is going to look into colleges. Her most influential teacher is "Mr. Ingleright because he is always giving good advice and helps students with problems."

Bree N

Bree N has attended Marion for 4 years. One of her most memorable moments is "all the fun times with my friends, smiling and laughing." She plans to attend nursing school after graduation.

McKenzie N

McKenzie N has attended Marion since November of her sophomore year. Her most memorable moment is being in the main stunts with Alexis, Peyton, and Elizabeth. After High School, she plans to attend college for Business.

Riley M

Riley M has attended Marion for 12 years. His most memorable moment was winning the Regional Championship at home with the boys. After graduation, he plans to go to collige to earn his associates degree in welding and learn taxidermy.

Alexis B

Alexis B has attended Marion since 3rd grade. After high school, she is going to college to further her education at Mid Michigan Community College. Her most memorable moment was "being able to be with my friends even with the terrible time of COVID-19".

Desiree S

Desiree S has attended Marion for 9 years. She plans on entering the workforce upon graduating high school. Her most memorable moment in high school was seeing her friends.

Ashely C

Ashley C. has attended Marion for 7 years. After high school, she will attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her favorite memory was going through the "run through" with the football players on Senior Night.

Anthony R

Anthony R has attended Marion for 13 years. After graduating high school he wants to attend MidMichigan Community College. His most memorable moment in high school was being able to play sports for my school.

John C

John C has attended Marion for 11 1/2 years. After high school, John plans to attend Central Michigan University for Business Marketing. His favorite memory is "Rick Rolling" Mr. Keeler