Eagle Engineers working on robot.

The Marion Eagle Engineers are busily building this year's robot for their competitions in March and April. They work on it every day after school. The challenge this year includes 3 main parts, picking up balls and putting them in slots, turning a color wheel to a specific color or a certain number of turns, and hooking up to a "switch" and lifting the robot off the floor. The team members learn engineering skills, teamwork, electronics, metal working skills, and more. 

Each year we design, build and program a robot to perform in a different game in a six to eight week time period depending on when their first competition is. The students take on roles such as drivers, builders, electricians, safety engineers, and programmers. They really take pride in their creation!

Building a new robot each year is very expensive. We have received grants from: Michigan Department of Education, Argosy Foundation, and Toyota. We have also received sponsorships from Pollington Tool Inc, Baker College of Cadillac, Flemming Clothing, and Fiamm Technologies. We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of our team. We couldn't do what we do, if you didn't do what you do! 

If you would like to sponsor our team, send an email to Anthony Baldwin (awbaldwin@marion.k12.mi.us) or Chris Mayer (cmayer@marion.k12.mi.us), call 231-743-2836, or stop in to see us at Marion High School from 5-8 pm at our open house on February 28, 2020.