MPACT Leadership Training and Escape Room

On Saturday, April 24th, MPACT (Marion's Peer Advisory of Teens) attended Central Escapes in Mt. Pleasant for some leadership training with team bonding.

On the bus ride to Mt. Pleasant they had some self-lead leadership training: Experienced members of MPACT, upperclassman mostly; shared their experiences with Marion's Peer Advisory Council of Teens; what has worked well, the purpose of the group, why it's not just a student council.  All members then shared thoughts of what has gone well for MPACT this year (or past years if involved more than one) and something that MPACT could do in the future.  Main thoughts: Covid has changed A LOT of what MPACT is all about: creating events and activities that support our school and community and being the voice of the students. We hope to see more involvement and ability to do dances, events like lock-in's, craft days, The School Store up and running fully, our beverage machines stocked...along with some new members.

When we arrived at Central Escapes in Mt. Pleasant; we split into two groups and challenged our teamwork abilities with 2 escape rooms. Everyone escaped (we know because Mrs. D counted before we left on the bus). This experience helped groups see that everyone has different ideas to add, working together often means listening to one another, and your thinking is often different from another person's perception/thinking on a situation. Working together gets you to a goal faster.

We finished the day with a debriefing and discussion over some Shananajac's pizza and dough sticks for lunch.

MPACT would like to thank Central Escapes of Mt. Pleasant for hosting our private visit, and our parents and community for continuing to support this student group through fun times and challenging times.