Athletics Update

October 3rd we ran at Grand Traverse Academy's Muddy Relays.... and had a blast. The kids were divided up into pairs and ran a one-mile loop through the mud, passed a baton to their partner, and then waited for their second chance to take a lap around the muddy loop. After each runner completed two loops, they were done! This was our first time competing in this event and we'll be adding it to our schedule again in the future for sure! For Coach Mayer and I, one of the highlights of our day was seeing our athletes work out a system for retrieving lost shoes for other runners so they didn't have to go back after their race and try to find them! It's always nice to see our kids helping others... and having fun doing it. The other highlight was seeing the kids do full-out dives into the mud.. and come up with a huge smile on their faces. :) 

Middle School team

High School team

Aidan Timko

Mason Howell

Kaitlyn Freiny

Jaden Kiger