Marion Elementary Student Spoghtlight Articles

The following articles are written by the sixth-grade Exploration Class. The Marion Elementary PTO was happy to support this project by funding the tokens of appreciation for each Spotlight Student.

Noah M

     Mrs. Bell has Noah M in her fifth grade. If Noah could live by one rule, it would be that he could do anything with no one stopping him. He has a dog named Shian and she has puppies and he thinks they are cute. If he could eat any food all the time, it would be the school's mac and cheese; he would eat it any day of the year. The best part of the school is recess because he likes playing with his friends. He would travel in the woods because he likes the woods and thinks it’s peaceful. His favorite time of year is spring because it isn’t too hot and not too cold. Noah's  favorite holiday is Christmas because it is the jolly time of year. His favorite music is rap because he likes the rhymes. The thing that makes him feel happiest is playing with his friends. Noah’s favorite sport is basketball. His favorite color is orange because the sun is sometimes orange and the fruit is orange.          

   By: Easton E


      Harley is a kindergartener in Mrs. Henderson’s class. Harley loves the color blue, she says it's bright. She also loves to swim; she said that because she loves to relax in the hot tub. Harley’s favorite movie is Elsa because she really likes the ice in that movie. Africa is a place that she has always wanted to go because she is a huge animal lover. She has seven cats but she also wishes she had a puppy. Harley is scared of the dog man because she thinks he will eat her. If Harley is listening to music, it is country. Harley's favorite food is salad and her favorite drink is strawberry milk (even though her mom mostly buys chocolate).  Harley seems like a good kid. We are all thankful she is at our school.

Written by Austyn H.


       In Mrs. Quist’s 3rd grade is Alisyn who likes the color black. She also likes dark rooms. Alisyn likes to run out in her backyard where she has a track. She loves to spend time with her family. Alisyn’s favorite music is rock because she likes to listen to it with her dad. Also she loves the summer because she likes to camp and swim.  Chinese food is her favorite type of restaurant; Alisyn even wishes to go to China. However, Alisyn’s favorite dessert is cake with cream filling. She loves the library because she loves to read. Alisyn’s favorite book is Teaching A Bunch Of Things. Alisyn loves rabbits because they are fluffy and cute. When Alisyn is mad she likes to throw stuff to get her anger out. If Alisyn could live by one rule she wants to jump in a river to learn how to swim.  We are so thankful to have Alisyn at this school. She follows our rules. 

Written by Caden M. & Konnor A.

Skyler M

      Skyler is in Mrs.Horstman’s kindergarten. Skyler likes the color pink because she thinks it is pretty.  When Skyler has some free time she likes to play with her little brother. She also likes getting told “good luck” because it gives her more confidence in herself.  Her birthday is her favorite holiday because she gets presents.  When Skyler thought about a place to visit, she decided Florida would be the best because she always goes there. Last, her favorite things are helping others and dancing. We are glad Sklyer is at Marion Elementary.

By Mikayla

Sophia M

     Most kids in second grade might know Sophia Martinson. She is in Mr. Henderson's class. Here are some things that you might not know about her. Sophia’s favorite color is blue because it is a light color. Another thing about Sophia is that Sophia's favorite time of the year is summer. She likes summer because the weather is warm and nice. Sophia feels the happiest when she gets to see her real mom. Another thing about Sophia is that she likes basketball; this is because she plays it with her brothers a lot. Her favorite activity in school is going to the library because she likes to read. It’s great that Sophia is a spotlight student of Marion Elementary.

 By: Mason M

Scott S 

Scott is one of Mr. Ferrier’s 4th grade students. Scott likes to play video games because they are virtual. He screams potato at people, but he really isn’t sure why. His favorite time of year is summer because he likes that there is no school and his birthday is in the summer. There is a hedgehog theme in his life. Scott's favorite animal is a hedgehog and he has one for a pet. It is really cute and he gets to play with it. He also thinks hedgehogs give him luck. Scott is most afraid of death. Scott is a valuable student at Marion Elementary. 

by Sage

Brenton B from Mrs. Deighton’s 6th grade      By: Mia B 

    Brenton likes the color lime green because it’s a natural color. For him, drawing relieves stress. Also his favorite song is The Night Cover. What makes him the happiest is axolotls (these are fish that have whisker type features). He thinks they are cute. Also he wants a pet axolotl because of their cuteness. He would also like to travel to Australia for the animals and accents. When I asked what his favorite holiday was, he said his birthday because it’s another day near adulthood.  His answer for his biggest fear was losing everyone he cares for. Chips and cheese are his favorite food or snack.  There is so much potentiel not just in Brenton, but in every other kid as well, just look closely.  All of this is what makes all of us so special.

William J

  Mrs. McCrimmon’s class has a boy named William. His favorite part of school is gym because you get to run around and play games. When William was asked his favorite color, he answered with green because it is the color of trees. His favorite sport is basketball. What makes William the happiest is seeing his friends. Williams' favorite song is “Once I Was 7 years old.” (Interesting because he is only in first grade.) Williams favorite holiday is Christmas because he likes to get together with family. If he could travel anywhere in the world it would be Canada because it is very warm there in the summer. His favorite food of all time is spaghetti. He has 2 cats and he really wishes he had 2 lizards and a dog so he could learn more about them. William is most afraid of bears, and  he hugs his blanket when he needs good luck. If William could live by one rule in life, suprisingly he would eat healthy foods and do chores. His favorite book character is Pete the cat because he is fun. One last thing he would like to share is he is very fast and he loves hamburgers.

By Eli W.

Leabel P., 4th grade

In Mrs. Clark’s class is a student named Leabel. Pizza is an important part of her life. It is her favorite food of all time and if she had one rule to live by it would be, “Eat pizza!” Leabel has some pets: two dogs, one cat, and she wants a bird because she thinks they are cool. One animal she wouldn’t want as a pet is a spider because she is afraid of them.  Florida is a place where she would like to travel because it is hot. When she is there, Leabel might ride her bike. It is her favorite thing to do. She feels happy when she is around her family, but she wants some good luck, she crosses her fingers. It is nice that she is a student at our school.

Written by Alyza P.

Ariella S 

     Ariella is a 3rd grader in Ms. Russell’s class. What makes Ariella happy is her friends because she knows that they are nice to her. Her favorite time of the year is summer because she likes to ride her bike. What scares Ariella the most is getting kicked in the head by a horse! Ariella has a gray cat named Shadow. She likes it when Shadow snuggles with her at night. If Ariella could live by one rule in life she says, “You always have to eat ice cream.” Ariella’s favorite color is teal because it’s the color of the ocean. She says that her favorite part of our school is having a break from her siblings. Ariella’s favorite food is ice cream because it’s sweet. She would go to Florida because it’s warm. Soccer is Ariella’s favorite sport because she has always wanted to do it; she feels like it’s in her blood. Her favorite movie is Insidious because it’s scary and entertaining. When Airella needs some luck, she pets one of her cats. Airella is a good student in our school and we are glad she is a part of it.

Written by Alexandria M.